There’s no better time than now to start living your best life.

It can just be difficult to know where to start!

I’m Helen Pasquale, a retired police officer and life coach, here to help and serve those who have:

Untangled Spaghetti experienced trauma

Experienced any kind of trauma

Untangled Spaghetti event adversely impact life

Had an event adversely impact on their life goals

Untangled Spaghetti life stressful

Been finding life stressful

At Untangled Spaghetti, we will help you reset, and walk alongside you as you take your next steps towards your best life.

What is Life Coaching?
Untangled Spaghetti live your best life
Untangled Spaghetti about me

A little bit about me

Hello! My name is Helen, and I completed 30 years’ police service whilst raising a family of 3.

In 2005, I had to overcome a diagnosis of depression after a number of unfortunate events happened in my family.

This is where my journey into the world of emotional heath began...

About me

Our courses

Following a period of chronic stress or trauma, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our courses have been built help you drown out the noise to help make good decisions.

Untangled Spaghetti our courses
Untangled Spaghetti time for clarity

Time for Clarity

6 sessions

Untangled Spaghetti moving on with attitude

Moving on with Attitude!

10 sessions

Untangled Spaghetti coaching

Weekly or Fortnightly Coaching

Untangled Spaghetti professional mentoring

Professional Mentoring

Our courses
Untangled Spaghetti quote

Some kind words...

“Helen was very helpful and insightful in steering me to identify some areas of priority and potential improvement within my life. Her kind and supportive guidance really allowed me to settle my thoughts and figure out next steps.”


Let’s untangle your spaghetti together!

Whether you’re raring to go or a little sceptical, we’d love to hear from you and discuss the value of adding life coaching to your life.

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Lets untangle your spaghetti together